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Barrday Composite Solutions supplies a number of performance prepregs and resins to satisfy the needs of demanding military and industrial applications. Barrday prepregs provide improved erosion resistance, higher char yields, increased toughness and superior temperature resistance when compared to other commercially available materials. These prepregs are available in broad good, biased tape, or molding compound formats.

Our Ablatives and Carbon/Carbon Solutions

Exceptional char yield for Ablative and Carbon/Carbon applications. The material does not exhibit macro cracking in high modulus composite structures. It provides excellent tape wrapping qualities with some drape and conforms to MIL-DTL-64154B.

Carbon filled phenolic with low fired stretch broken and spun carbon. It provides improved erosion resistance for solid rocket motors. Rayon replacement.

Silica filled phenolic with a high silica fabric. Provides outstanding thermal/insulation properties for solid and liquid fuel propulsion systems.

Carbon filled phenolic with continuous PAN fabric. Designed for thermal and graphite insulation needs for solid propulsion systems.

Carbon filled phenolic with stretch broken and spun PAN/Preox blend. Provides improved erosion resistance for solid rocket motors. Rayon replacement.