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Barrday supplies a wide range of advanced textile solutions into ballistic helmet markets. Barrday works closely with our helmet manufacturing partners to offer fabrics and prepregs to support military, law enforcement and commercial helmet programs.  Textile solutions are based on customer requirements for threat protection, weight and cost while providing the user with maximum survivability.  Resin systems are designed to allow various helmet manufacturing processes in order to achieve optimum yields and efficiencies. Barrday is committed to supporting the end user by developing advanced technologies for continuously changing requirements and emerging threats.

Our Helmet Solutions
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LC799 is a PVB modified latent curing phenolic that provides an outstanding combination of toughness and adhesive properties.  It is targeted towards ballistic armor applications requiring conformance to MIL-L-62474, MIL-H-44099 and MIL-H-44177.  LC can be supplied in pigmented form.

HM5 is a low temperature curing, highly rubber modified epoxy that offers a wide array of curing options.  HM5 is designed to co-cure with polyethylene fiber based armor systems and provide additional stiffness.  The resin can be cured at temperatures ranging from 170 to 275ºF (77 to 135ºC)