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These applications involve the use of Barrday prepreg systems in ground, vehicle, sea and air based radomes, power generation equipment and electrical products. Barrday has been manufacturing products for these applications for over 25 years.

Our Radome and Antenna Solutions
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EP255 is a low temperature curing toughened epoxy that cures in the 235ºF to 275ºF (113 to 135ºC) range.  It is self-adhesive to aramid honeycomb and can be used in a wide variety of structural applications. It is self-extinguishing, passing the 60 second vertical ignition test listed in FAR 25.853. 

EP255N is a variant of the EP255 system with increased mechanical performance. EP255N is a modified epoxy that cures in the 235 to 275ºF (113 to 135ºC) temperature range. It is self-adhesive to aramid and aluminum honeycomb. EP255N exhibits excellent strength properties and can be used for a wide variety of structural and aerospace applications. EP255N meets the requirements of MIL-R-9300B, type 1. EP255N has excellent resistance to ethylene glycol, hydrocarbon fluids and oils, Skydrol and water.

FA EP255SP Film Adhesive
FA EP255SP is a toughened, high peel strength, fire resistant supported film adhesive is designed for a variety of bonding applications including metal to metal, composite to core or metal to core. Sandwich constructions include can aramid, aluminum and various foams.

EF5A is a 350ºF (177ºC) curing epoxy resin system formulated to produce laminates with good mechanical and electrical properties at elevated service temperatures. This system is flame retardant and exhibits good hot/wet properties. EF5 is a variant of EF5A specifically designed for use in radomes.

FM-2 polyester prepregs are designed for low pressure laminating at 250ºF to 325ºF (121 to 163ºC). Developed to render precise and controlled flow, these light to medium tack prepregs provide excellent flexural strength characteristics and structural integrity.

FM5 is a toughened polyester system designed for table rolling applications such as fishing rods, radomes, antennae and kayak paddle shafts. It offers precisely controlled flow, excellent resistance to bending set and extremely high flexural strength making it ideal for dynamic, low frequency applications.