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Barrday Composites Solutions has developed composite tooling systems with a wide array of curing capabilities that have been successfully been used in the manufacturing of composite tools for exacting and demanding molding applications. All tooling systems are capable of being molded via vacuum bag in oven or in an autoclave. 

Our Tooling Solutions
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EP145 is an ultra low temperature curing, high performance cost effective epoxy system. Capable of curing at 145°F (63ºC) , EP145 can display a Tg of 430° F (221ºC) when suitably post cured. It is designed for high performance applications that require ultra low cure temperature or co-laminating with temperature sensitive materials and is available as a carbon and glass reinforced product configurations.

EP145 allows high quality tooling laminates to be produced from low temperature master molds. This low temperature process offers the user a wide range of master mold materials. The user has the ability to use a low curing temperature oven or autoclave process for initial cure. The tool laminate then may be removed from the master mold for a free standing post cure. Autoclaved tools require no surface gel coat.

EP385 is a 350°F (177ºC) curing, epoxy system suitable for extremely high temperature performance. Designed for use in aerospace, transportation, propulsion and tooling applications, EP385 is a stable system and has very good tack and out time stability. EP385 displays a glass transition temperature of 393°F (201ºC).